About us

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The English Area is part of the Finance, Government and International Relations faculty at the Externado University in Bogotá, Colombia, and we teach English to students from many faculties throughout the university: Finance, Government & International Relations, Business Management, Hotel & Tourism Management, Social Communication & Journalism, Public Accountancy and Economics.

We are a group of over thirty teachers from all parts of the world and a range of academic and experiential backgrounds. All of our staff members have the CELTA or an equivalent qualification as a minimum, and many have Master’s degrees in teaching and related fields.

Our goal is to aid our students in learning English and assist in language learning and English-speaking culture in general at the university. We do this by using a range of methodologies at the university, focusing on communicative skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. Our common exams reflect this and are largely skills-based.

All our general English courses are mapped to the CEF, starting with Level 1 which covers A1, and reaching a high B2 level of English in Level 6 (more detailed information can be found here), our highest level of General English classes. We also offer electives and exam preparation courses for students to further their English capabilities after finishing General English. It is our aim to provide our students with enjoyable and practical classes that give them the capacity to communicate wherever they might go in their future careers.

If you have a question, please visit our office – Cra.1, #12-53, third floor.

You can also send us an email at figri.idiomas@uexternado.edu.co

Our coordination team:

Jill Fortune – Languages Coordinator
Profile – email: jill.fortune@uexternado.edu.co

Maite Mariño Thompson – Languages Coordinator
Profile – email: maite.marino@uexternado.edu.co

Olga Rivera – English Area Assistant Coordinator
Profile – email: olga.rivera@uexternado.edu.co

Nestor Escobar – Administrative Assistant

Our teachers:

Gerardo Agudelo
Profile – email: agudelogerardo@gmail.com

Claudia Arciniegas
Profile – email: claudia.arciniegas@uexternado.edu.co

Wally Broderick
Profile – email: wally.broderick@uexternado.edu.co

Sole Cruz
Profile – email: sole.cruz@uexternado.edu.co

Cameron Curtis
Profile – email: cameron.curtis@uexternado.edu.co

Guy Cutajar
Profile – email: guy.cutajar@uexternado.edu.co@uexternado.edu.co

Robin Davies
Profile – email: robin.davies@uexternado.edu.co

Sergio Delgado Duarte
Profile – email: sergius00741@gmail.com

Mark Duffy
Profile – email: mark.duffy@uexternado.edu.co

Andrea Duran
Profile – email: andrea.duran@uexternado.edu.co

Luis Alfonso Escobar
Profile – email: luis.escobar@uexternado.edu.co

Jhonny Flaco
Profile – email: jhonny.flaco@uexternado.edu.co

Michael Forrest
Profile – email: michael.forrest@uexternado.edu.co

Oscar Franco
Profile – email: oscar.franco@uexternado.edu.co

John Gonzalez
Profile – email: john.gonzalez@uexternado.edu.co

Noel Grandmaison
Profile – email: noel.grandmaison@uexternado.edu.co

Ezana Habte-Gabr
Profile – email: ezana.habte-gabr@uexternado.edu.co

Martin Higgins
Profile – email: martinhiggins1986@gmail.com

Edward Hirom
Profile – email: edward.hirom@uexternado.edu.co

Nathan Hitchcock
Profile – email: nathan.hitchcock@uexternado.edu.co

Jason Kaufman
Profile – email: jkaufma1@gmail.com

Daniel Lee
Profile – email: galen.lee@uexternado.edu.co

Jessica Lizarralde
Profile – email: jessicalizarralde@gmail.com

Sanjay Nanwani
Profile – email: sanjay.nanwani@uexternado.edu.co

Maria Oliver
Profile – email: maria.oliver@uexternado.edu.co

Oliver Pritchard
Profile – email: oliver.pritchard@uexternado.edu.co

Tristan Quigley
Profile – email: tristanquigley@yahoo.com

Alfredo Romero
Profile – email: edinson.romero@uexternado.edu.co

Tizziana Russo
Profile – email: tizziana.medina@uexternado.edu.co

Phil Stoneman
Profile – email: philip.stoneman@uexternado.edu.co

Walther Suárez
Profile – email: walther.suarez@uexternado.edu.co@yahoo.com

Nicholas Walker
Profile – email: nicholas.walker@uexternado.edu.co

Astrid Wilches
Profile – email: astrid.wilches@uexternado.edu.co