The podcast

El área de inglés tiene a su disposición una serie de podcasts, los cuales cubren una gran variedad de temas. Lo invitamos a escuchar las grabaciones que nuestros estudiantes han realizado para aprovechar esta oportunidad de practicar y mejorar su manejo del idioma inglés.

Archive of Past Podcasts:


We are able to present our brand-new podcast


As the idea is to give students a space where they can speak and be heard in English, you may find some grammatical and pronunciation mistakes in this recording. With much excitement, we are able to present our brand-new podcast – a place where you can have your say and practice your speaking and listening skills! You can download here the second edition of the podcast, featuring a variety of different sections.



Enjoy listening to this first installment

This podcast contains specially prepared features, including some jokes, a conversation between two friends, some information on reporting verbs and a discussion of bullfighting. We hope you enjoy listening to this first installment, and would like to invite you to take part in future podcasts.