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Democracy, Citizenship & Education

Taught by Sanjay Nanwani

More information:

This course, designed to equip participants with critical skills, focuses on the complex interplay between democracy, citizenship and education. Depending on participants’ interests, it proposes to address the following questions: What is democracy? What is citizenship? How are different conceptions of ‘democracy’ and ‘citizenship’ justified? What is ‘education’? What role does education play in ‘democracy’ and ‘citizenship’? What is civic education? What are civic attitudes and civic engagement? How does civic action strengthen or weaken ‘democracy’ and ‘citizenship’?

Participants will be encouraged to focus on distinct socio-political and historical contexts to explore and examine how different conceptions of democracy and citizenship have played out (and are playing out at present) in practice. Participants may also be exposed to educational interventions within civics, citizenship and peace education in different countries including Colombia, with implications on democracy and citizenship. Films, guest speakers, and school visits will be part of the course, intending to provide participants with a broad picture of the subjects of enquiry.