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Jhonny Flaco


Jhonny Flaco has been an English teacher for about 10 years. He was born in Nuquí-Chocó, and Jhonny always loved learning English and French. His passion for foreign languages made him earn a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Teaching at Universidad Tecnológica del Choco. He also earned a Master’s degree in TESOL at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale U.S.A. He has worked at both English language teaching institutes and important universities in Colombia.

Jhonny’s teaching practice embodies the principles of interaction, creativity, problem solving and enthusiasm. He considers himself a teacher who strives to instil motivation in his students by resorting to real-life context activities that encourage students to both learn the target language and view it as a vehicle to enrich their knowledge and understanding of life.

When Jhonny has some time off, he loves to go dancing Reggaeton and Salsa. Also, he enjoys going fishing. Jhonny always puts a smile on his face and his friends say he is funny.