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Student Self-access Section

Level 4

Level 4 Student Self-access Section

The following links have been collected to help you in your studies. We hope that they are useful for you, and we would like to know what you think.

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General information: – English File online practice
The Student Writing Guide (pdf download) – This is very useful for practicing your writing skills – For practicing speaking skills – An online dictionary – A variety of ways to practice your English – Listening practice – Reading practice

File 6A
Passive voice – explanation:
Passive voice – exercises:

File 6B
Modal verbs of deduction – explanations:
Modal verbs of deduction – exercises:

File 7A
First conditional – explanation:
First conditional – exercises:

File 7B
Second conditional – explanation:
Second conditional – exercises:

File 8A
Reported speech – explanation:
Reported speech: statements – exercises:
Reported speech: questions – exercises:

File 8B
Gerunds and infinitives – explanation:
Gerunds and infinitives – exercises:

File 9A

Third conditional – explanation:

Third conditional – exercises:


File 9B
Quantifiers – explanation:
Quantifiers – exercises:

File 10A
Relative clauses – explanation:
Relative clauses – exercises:

File 10B
Question tags – explanation:
Question tags – exercises: