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Level 6

The following links have been collected to help you in your studies and we hope that they are useful for you. If you find some other useful Internet links, then please tell us! Send us an email at

Level 6

General information:

2017ii L6 Semester Syllabus

Student Writing Guide


File 6A

Gerunds and Infinitives:


File 6B

Used to, be used, get used to:


File 7A

Past Modals:


Verbs often confused:



File 7B

Verbs of the Senses:


The body:



File 8A

The passive (all forms):


Crime and punishment:



File 8B

Reporting verbs:


The media:



File 9A

Clauses of contrast and purpose:





File 9B

Uncountable and plural nouns:


Word Building:



File 10A

Quantifiers: all/every etc.:



File 10B













Sentence structure and writing practice:

Exercises on different sentence types:


Comma splice video:


Sentence punctuation patterns reference:


Independent & dependent clauses exercises:


Run-on & comma splice reference & exercises:


Non-defining relative clauses comma placement exercises:


Compound sentences comma placement exercises:


Comma placement after dependent clauses exercises: