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Gerardo Agudelo

Gerardo was born in Bogotá. He is a football enthusiast who loves going to the movies, and spending time with Falco, his adopted Labrador.

He lived and studied in Houston and Orlando where he got certified as an Exams Supervisor for TOEFL and other ETS exams. There, he worked as Bilingual Assistant Teacher in Public Schools.

He holds a B.A in Philology and Languages from the National University in Bogotá, M.A. in Communication and Education from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and an EFL teaching Diploma from Rosario University. He is an Accredited Oral Examiner for Cambridge Assessment and the British Council.

He has more than 12 years of experience as an English Teacher and English language examiner. He worked as an English teacher at Sergio Arboleda University, Militar and Sabana, and also as the University of Cambridge Examinations Coordinator at the British Council in Bogotá.