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Jessica Lizarralde

Salut, everyone!

My name is Jessica. I am a happily married mother of six daughters: four human and two canine. My first approach to English happened during my childhood years because I had the chance to live in Brownwood, Texas, for a couple of years.

I started working as an English tutor in my teen years. Therefore, you might think that my professional path was already given by work opportunity. Nevertheless, for several years, I was in disavowal and refused to study a teaching-related career. Being in denial, I chose studies which – I thought – would take me away from my job as a teacher. I tried to become a tourist guide and later a radio and television producer. However, fate had chosen my path and no matter how hard I tried, I ended up studying “Filología e Idiomas” in Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
There I had the chance to enjoy learning about the roots, grammar and structure, civilization, history and other subjects related to both the English and the Spanish languages. I also learned methodology and pedagogics there; thus, I began to find more joy in teaching.

After that, things were easy. I have gone through different kinds of courses, even a pair of master degrees, in order to become the best English language coach (as I like to call myself) I can be. Additionally, I have also worked as a translator and interpreter catering to my students and clients with the best of my knowledge of Spanish and English as well as with my life experience and socializing talents.

Helping my students to learn and my practitioners to use English in their daily business lives has given me a sense of achievement and has put me in places I never dreamed of. For all of the above, I am happy and grateful with God and my written destiny of being a professor.