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Robin Davies


Born and bred in London, England, Robin has been living and working in Colombia as an English teacher for over 8 years. Robin studied at the University of Leeds where he obtained a BA in French before embarking on a professional career in ELT in 2008.

Robin obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester in 2017 and also holds a postgraduate diploma in English Language teaching (DELTA). Robin´s principal areas of professional interest are in phonology, language testing and assessment and materials development.

Outside of the classroom, Robin enjoys indulging his passion for film whenever possible. A self-confessed cinephile, Robin regularly contributes film reviews to the Bogotá Post and holds a particular interest in French and Latin American cinema. In sporting terms, Robin has been an obsessive football fan and a keen player since the age of 8 and follows his beloved Arsenal football club on a daily basis with an almost religious fervour.

During his six years in Colombia, Robin has had some truly remarkable travelling experiences while visiting 26 different departments in Colombia. Hopefully, he can reach the 30 mark in the future!