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Useful links

Here you will find a collection of links that will help you practice your English in a variety of ways.




Not sure how to pronounce a word?
Have a look at the phonemic chart

For slang and phrases you probably won’t find in a traditional dictionary,
try the Urban Dictionary


In use
Grammar Test
Tests, essential grammar
Natural Grammar
Test Yourself

To visitor friendly pages (the ones with the glasses symbol)
Reading Zone: Advanced reading exercises
Writing Zone: Paragraph Writing
Verb Zone : Gerunds and infinitives etc
Spelling Zone: Advanced Spelling Quiz
Jokes – Brown pants
Grammar Zone:
Confusing words – since/for, because/so, homonyms, lend/borrow, good/well
Conditionals – if/then



The BBC (huge British news site)

The Times (British broadsheet newspaper)

The Guardian (British broadsheet newspaper)

The Sun (British tabloid newspaper) (US newspaper)

USA Today (US newspaper)

The Onion (US satirical web-based news site)


A collection of various listening exercises for all levels.

Watch and listen: Housekeeper
Grammar Challenge
News: Americas
Can search by topic, country etc
Put Colombia – Have video and audio news.

News – You can listen to all of the stories
Again you can search for topic or country; there are many Colombia-related broadcasts.
You can also read the articles while listening.

Has various listening exercises.

Various listening exercises and links.
Music with the words.

Go to Companion websites
Choose title: North star
Go to: Reading/Writing High Intermediate Companion Website
Then go to Student resources, Internet activities.

Work-related information:
(many thanks to Bryn and the “English for Careers and Business Planning” elective!)

Search engine for a database of job descriptions and person specs from UK careers database; excellent.

A basic C.V. creation wizard

Cover letter writing guide; excellent.

A guide to psychometric testing



Many videos.

The Colombia travel discussion forum on the “Lonely Planet” website.

(The Externado University is not responsible for the content of external sites)

Writing skills:

Information about how to use referencing in your writing work.


A short video on how to pronounce –ed endings

A short video on the argumentative essay.