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WE Day

All the action from WE Day 2015!


Thank you to all students and teachers who participated in our World English Day on the 30th of October, 2015. It was great to see so many members of the Externado community enjoying themselves with English! On this page you can find the different videos and presentations from this day.


International forum:

A discussion of experiences in Colombia by various of the Externado’s international students.


Colours video:

A video made by level 5 students about perceptions and opinions of colours.


The meeting:

A video made by English through Multimedia students.


English in Africa:

A presentation by level 1 students about how English is used in Africa.


Jailhouse Rock:

A dance presentation.


We Will Rock You:

A video by level 4 students.


When I Was Your Man:

A song performed by a level 4 student.


Stick to the Status Quo:

A song performed by English through Multimedia students.



Reactions to the first half of WE Day.


Peace process debate:

A forum about Colombia’s peace process.



A song performed by level 4 students.



A dance routine.


Colour blindness talk:

A speech given by teacher Phil Stoneman on the subject of being colour blind.



A dance routine.



Reactions to the second half of WE Day.