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English Webinars: 2019ii

The Externado University English Area is very proud to announce its series of webinars for 2019ii. Covering a range of topics and designed for a variety of English levels, this semester’s webinars were free, fun and – we hope – fantastic.

Continue reading for a description of each one:

Level 1 (A1): Cooking on Camera!
Monday 21st October, 7pm
Unlock the secrets of cooking in English! Learn how to present your recipe confidently and smoothly on camera.
Thank you for attending!

Level 2 (A2): Writing for Beginners
Thursday 24th October, 7pm
The purpose of this webinar is to introduce students to the main characteristics of certain written texts and how this awareness can help them in their writing.
Thank you for attending!

Level 3 (B1): Doing Good Presentations
Thursday 17th October, 7pm
This webinar is for intermediate students who wish to improve their presentations. We will study presentation skills and how to present material.
Thank you for attending!

Level 4 (B1): Selling Your Brand
Monday 30th September, 7pm
Now you’ve created your brand, it’s time to promote it! In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn some useful ideas to make your brand as attractive as possible for potential investors and customers.
Thank you for attending!

Level 5 (B2): Essay Writing for Beginners
Tuesday 22nd October, 7pm
This webinar is for students at B2 level who would like some extra help in understanding the basics of essay writing. We will study how to structure essays, as well as how to write introductions and body paragraphs.
Thank you for attending!

Level 6 (B2): Devil’s Advocate
Wednesday 16th October, 7pm
Change my mind! Come and argue against one of our teachers, who will be playing devil’s advocate and presenting some rather controversial opinions on current affairs topics. Let your opinions be known and try to convince your classmates and professors with your arguments. You never know though – maybe you will be convinced of a new way of thinking, so watch out!
Thank you for attending!