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World English Online 2016

World English Online: our annual celebration of English at the Externado University!

This year, many students made videos for our online event, which was from the 31st of October to the 7th of November 2016. We’d like to congratulate all of the students on their hard work!

There was also an online vote for the best video, and the winners were Luisa Fernanda Velandia, Valentina Talero, Sebastian Torres & Erika P. Torres. Well done!



You can see all the videos from the event here:


New York, New York by the 604I English group:

Colombia’s Educational System by Sebastian Moreno, Valentina Talero, Erika Pulido & Luisa Velandia.

The Woman Who Drowned in the Font by Maria Camila Gomez and Valentina Maldonado Navarro

The Woman Who Drowned in the Font (the trailer!) by Maria Camila Gomez and Valentina Maldonado Navarro

Ginna’s First Academic Trip by Ginna Paola Romero Romero

Music Top 3 by Laura Katherine Consuegra Rajas & Aranzza Orjuela Cardenas

How to survive at the Externado by Angie Villalobos

Jelly Recipe by Daniel Murcia & Leidy Calixto

I Will Survive by the 806I English group:

Happy Halloween by Ana Maria Sanchez

Dragons’ Den by Nicolás Cañón & Carolina Rodríguez

Monserrate by Juan Pablo Cruz Clavijo

Losing Love for Technology by Laura Alejandra Garcia Quintero & Daniel Andres Piracon Lopez

Nutella French Toast by Natalia Peña Vanegas

The Exterminio Show

How to Make an Audiovisual Production by Yesenia Piraque, Luisa Fernanda Mancera & Fabian Herrera

Grim Grinning Ghosts by Andrea Villamizar